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Meet A Couple Farming Coffee on a Volcano My Shopify Business Story


Meet A Couple Farming Coffee on a Volcano My Shopify Business Story

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My Shopify Business Story looks at the highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey as told by Shopify business owners around the world. What we’ve learned is that from New York to Singapore to Berlin, independent business owners operate in completely different environments but share many common experiences, whether they’re running a brick and mortar or an online store on Shopify’s platform.

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Did you know Kaloko Coffee is grown at the top of an active volcano? Avery Kramer and his wife Moriah Kramer are the founders and farmers behind Kaloko Coffee. Their interest in farming began as a lifestyle decision so that they could spend more time with family. The beans they grow produce Kona coffee, which earns its name from the region in Hawaii in which it is grown. Watch the video to learn more about this couple’s amazing journey as business and life partners on a coffee farm.

Learn more about Kaloko Coffee:

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